PiplShare is a job-board ecosystem, where employers and candidates can realize their potential using blockchain technology. The PiplShare platform provides freelancers with trust and security regarding the working and payment process. In-house idea and creation of the Shareworking protocol will be a new way of freelancing, where users will share work with friends and partners effortlessly in a virtual working environment. Everything is done transparently with zero cost of administration and thus exterminating the need for most intermediaries.
Presenting a new beginning for the Online Adult Industry using crypto-currency and blockchain technology. PronCoin team has over 21 years of experience and worldwide presence in the field. They are dedicated to change the way people view porn online and find a way for average users to anonymously take part in the industry worth BILLIONS of dollars. Using platforms Pronworld, PronBook, PronSters, PronMarket, GameOfProns and PronPay users will be rewarded for every step and contribution that they make to the PronCoin system.
CarbCoin is a blockchain based LTC technology promoting system, where investors in a Low Temperature Conversion technology can participate and get rewarded. The LTC process is a Carbcoin patented method for the recovery of energy from waste materials, such as plastic, used tires, sewage sludge, household waste, biomass and similar materials. Those materials are extracted to gases for the generation of energy in the form of different fuels and gases. Thus this project will have hugely positive consequences to the World ecology and will improve the quality of our lives in a natural and safe way!
CANABIO is an European Cannabis Health Investment Project with the vision to be the leading source for the best cannabis sales and cultivation in the flourishing cannabis Industry and therefore provide the best investment opportunity for health. Canabio is a registered trademark, manufactured with GMP cetificate on basis of the highest quality naturally produced cannabinoid oil. Integrity & accountability will be acquired using blockchain techonology. To provide leading products and services based on the best standards, Canabio established cooperation with distinguished institutions as Universities and National Institutes in Slovenia and Croatia.
Market Capitalization
Symbol Token Market Capitalization Price Volume (24 h) Max. Supply Total Burned Circulating
PIPL PiplCoin 84,340,424 1.01012673 0 7,489,958,537 7,406,473,337 40,941 83,494,894 Buy Sell
PRON PronCoin 1,016,278,631 2.05806109 0 6,900,000,000 6,405,447,468 374,321 493,803,919 Buy Sell
CNB Canabio 26,678,914 0.80044571 0 100,000,000 66,663,042 3,624 33,330,073 Buy Sell
CARB Carbcoin 87,626,130 0.19990455 0 743,100,000 306,669,308 246,532 438,339,850 Buy Sell
GPLS GenessisPlus 1,000,000 1,000,000 0 1 0 0 1 Buy Sell
eAPOD eAirpod Token 180,009 0.12000080 0 50,000,000 29,833,392 9,333,271 1,500,066 Buy Sell
APOD Airpod Token 16,887,703 0.15895838 0 147,792,660 36,780,149 2,386,514 106,239,777 Buy Sell